Sunday, June 20, 2010

3D Video on the Cheap

So the other day I was thinking about how 3D images are put together because we got a new 3D TV at work. It occurred to me that I had all the crap at home to build a small 3D video rig myself since over the last several years both of my daughters asked for and got some cheap Flip Video cameras. They're the original Flip Video camera, the 640x480 25fps ones.

I went to Pini's Hardware and picked up a few items to build a small stereo camera rig. It's comprised of a piece of cheap wood (a wooden garden stake), some half inch wooden dowel, some quarter inch furniture glides and some T-nut fasteners.

I assembled them like this:

It turns out the that "camera shoe" bolt is really just a standard 1/4" bolt and you can go to the hardware store and get a bolt that'll mount a camera anywhere.  It's not some special format like I thought maybe it was.

Here's what I bought at Pini's.  I got enough stuff to make two of these (or screw up one and make one good one, which is generally how I roll.)

Hit "Read More" to hear all about it and see some sample movies.